The Realest Lifestyle Blog: Lazy Summer Edition

Ah, if I were a lifestyle blog
The internet would be a more realistic place
Here are my picks right now
End of poem

Writing Letters to Counteract The Global Trashfire That Is 2016

A lot of my friends got letters from me in the past two weeks because 2016 is a flaming pile of poop in a bag left for us outside our front door to step on as part of some cruel prank. Mail makes everything just a little bit better. If I know you in real life and you did not get a letter and you would like one, poke me and make sure I haven’t lost your address because I’m a hot mess right now. Seriously, I checked my text messages and my Twitter DMs for Cecelia’s address and then finally Snapchatted her about it only to have her tell me it was lurking in my Facebook messages. Which begs the question: Is that on me or is there too much technology for messaging? Fuck messaging, write letters!

This Cross Fountain Pen That I Impulse Bought Because Retail Therapy

taken with my phone because who has time for anything else
taken with my phone because who has time for anything else

I’m struggling a little bit after graduate school—I do so many different projects and I’m having a little trouble making ends meet. So instead of being responsible, I purchased a fountain pen to make myself feel better. It’s black and white and it was only $20 so I suppose it’s not the worst thing I could’ve done. Then I got home and realized how much of my desk accoutrement are black and white, so at least I have a type.

Proper Lounge Wear

I didn’t realize that dedicated loungewear was missing from my life until my fiancée purchased these pants from Uniqlo and they were all I wanted. So when we got back from our holiday in Pennsylvania, I went and bought two pairs. They might be the first thing I’ve purchased from the women’s department in literal years.

Writing Three Separate Articles About Pokémon Go So I Can Play As Part of My Job

Self-explanatory. I wrote a review when it first came out, organized a queer pokégallery and one that hasn’t come out yet. So many people are complaining about poképosts and how we’re adults who should have better shit to do and blah blah blah I don’t care. The world is burning, let people have games.

DMing A Dungeons And Dragons Campaign For A Group Of People With MFAs in Creative Writing

Everyone is flawless. I’m writing a whole world for them and they’re lobbing that ball back with fantastic characters. I cannot WAIT to get them in a room for the first session. It’s coming. It’s so soon. I wrote this in the meantime.

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