Email Panic

This morning, I blasted through about 700 emails and I’m now taking a break for lunch. If you love me, dear god, don’t email me. I get so much email. Just looking at my email elicits the rumblings of a fight or flight response.

But no email frustrates me like Democratic Party Fundraising email. It turns a normal amount of crushing work into total disgust. I archive them or delete them instantly, whichever button my hand is hovering over, just so I don’t have to see them.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m a staunch Democrat and a donor. I cast my first vote for President Barack Obama the first time around. My mother was with me and, though I wasn’t out of the closet yet, it was made perfectly clear to me that her children could be anything that they were or wanted, as long as she had raised good Democrats she was happy. I have no issue with getting emails from the Democratic party. I have no issue with grassroots political fundraising, either. Heck, I think Kirsten Gillibrand’s fundraiser emails are great, donated to her this morning (though I wish she had more balanced survey questions, it smacks of Trumpian tone, which bothers me). But every time I see the DCCC emails, I expect a hybrid of doom-screaming and begging the likes of which are matched only by the Republican party, and the similarity makes me ill. When someone focuses on what they’re acually doing about the ills of the world, I’m so much more likely to fork over cash. I don’t need to be convinced that shit is awful rn. I don’t need the finger pointing—I know exactly whose fault it is. I need to be told what, exactly, you are doing about it. And if the answer is, well, three members of our party aren’t blocking the Gorsuch nomination with us, then step it up and earn that donation. Don’t plead with me for $11 three times daily and contribute to the inbox overload.

I sometimes wonder if it’s a generational thing? If other millenials see through this bullshit and hate it? But when I get a chance to actually hang out with my friends or actually go on a date with my wife, I don’t generally rush to discuss the Democratic party’s dire email copy. So I have no idea. It may very well be just me. But seriously, who writes this shit? And who responds positively to it?

*sigh* Lunch is over. Back to the remainder of my email.

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