Take a Class With Me at The New School!

Hi friends! I’m going to be teaching a course at The New School this coming Fall semester that I’m lovingly and personally referring to as “How to Internet” but is actually called “Personas: Cultivating a Creative Internet Presence.”The New School course catalog

It’s an undergraduate course and it’s Thursday nights, 6-7:50. It’s geared toward artists and writers and if it looks interesting to you, you should check it out in the course catalog and maybe register! And then we can hang out and do cool writing stuff on the interwebz! It’s a class I designed myself, and I’m pumped! Are you pumped?

Kermit is excited about this course at The New School

I’m on the ‘We Hire Cartoonists Panel’ at the MoCCA Arts Festival

I’m speaking on this awesome panel at the MoCCA Arts Festival in my capacity as Autostraddle Geekery Editor (which includes our Saturday Morning Cartoons segment!) and it would be really rad to see you there. Here are the deets from the MoCCA Fest website:

2:00 pm / The Matthews Room of the High Line Hotel

We Hire Cartoonists

Cartoonists have often pursued split-careers as illustrators or other kinds of graphic artists in order to build stable careers. Increasingly, art directors and editors are hiring cartoonists to bring the entire capacity for visual narrative to editorial projects, especially online where new technologies offer another set of emerging techniques and formats. A panel of editors and art directors including Tablet’s Wayne HoffmanAutostraddle’s Ali Osworth, and New York Times Art Director Alexandra Zsigmond have all frequently worked with cartoonists in a variety of ways, online and in print. They will talk about what they do, the innovations they’ve pursued, and what they look for in the work they commission.

April 11, 2015 – April 12 (We Hire Cartoonists is on Sunday, the 12th)
12:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Programming will take place at The High Line Hotel at 180 Tenth Avenue and 20th Street, mere steps from the exhibitor hall of Center 548.

Access to programming on a daily basis is included with the price of admission to the MoCCA Arts Festival. Admission to MoCCA costs $5 per day. To be admitted to programming, attendees must display proof of ticket purchase for that day to the Fest. Tickets are available online now or at the door at Center 548 the weekend of the Fest, and on-site at The High Line Hotel during programming . This year’s programming schedule was curated and organized by MoCCA Arts Festival Programming Director Bill Kartalopoulos.

Come See Me At “The Birds and The Bees” Talk Back!

Hello friends!

I’ve been asked to do something rather fun this weekend, and you could come join me! Check out this:

The Birds and the Bees: Unabridged explores the unique—yet interwoven—life circumstances of eight women & trans people forced to confront their own sexuality, realizing that sexuality itself is not simple or clear-cut.  Through dialogue, movement, song, humor, and multimedia, the performance examines such themes as partner communication, sexual identity, the de-sexualization of aging women, today’s “hook-up” culture, and sexual health.

Run by Maggie Keenan-Bolger and Rachel Sullivan, The Birds and the Bees: Unabridged is a production I’ve been really excited about (plus Maggie is a super cool human—I know her from doing this). I’m super pumped to be able to participate in their talk back series, a set of themed discussions after each show with some really cool people. A few of the performances are already through, but here’s the full schedule. I’ll be participating on October 12th at 2pm. You should totally get your tickets and I’ll see you there.


Sexuality: The Truthful. The Poignant. The Humorous. The Awkward.
Wednesday, October 8th at 8:00 PM
Thursday, October 9th at 8:00 PM
Friday, October 10th at 8:00 PM
Saturday, October 11th at 8:00 PM
Sunday, October 12th at 2:00 PM
Speyer Hall at University Settlement
184 Eldridge Street
New York, NY 10002
Tickets $15
$10  – Students & Seniors

Friday, October 10th at 8:00 PM
Talk back: Underrepresented Sexuality
Leslie Freeman
 – Activist, artist, & writer
on disability, gender, and sexualityBauer McClave – Founder of Ace NYC,
Researcher on Asexuality as a Spectrum

Lois Weaver – Director, activist, and co-founder of
Split Britches; upcoming show, What Tammy Needs
to Know About Getting Old and Having Sex

Saturday, October 11th at 8:00 PM
Talk back: Sexual Violence and Health
Sarah Pierson Beaulieu – Founder of The Enliven Project

Fab Serignese – Launching Pleasure Without Pain, free
healing sessions to victims of sexual trauma

Students for Consent and Communication Representative

Medical practitioner – Served underprivileged
women for the past 15 years

Sunday, October 12th at 2:00 PM
Talk back: E
mpowering Your Sexuality
Ali Osworth – Geekery Editor & Sex Adviser at Autostraddle

Lisa Speer –  Self-Expression Coach