Queer Your Tech This Week Is All About Gittin’ Paid

I feel like I meet so many queers who make rad art, music, poetry, horoscopes — you name it, this community has lit it on FIRE. It’s one of the things I like best about us. Everyone is awesome. But! I also notice that not everyone is getting paid for their awesome. We have an understanding that we want to make our work accessible to the community, and that not everyone can afford everything. And so I feel like many of us, in the interest of being inclusive, tend to give our work away for free. But! We also know that paying a creator keeps them making what you love; it’s so important to pay for content in this era. It’s how we make sure the good stuff still exists. So what do you make, creators, and would getting paid help you make more or better? And readers/watchers/consumers of media — do you want to make sure your favorites can, like, buy groceries so they can dedicate the time and energy toward making the thing you love?

Gosh, what a time to an artist, huh? Read it on Autostraddle.